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Fishery Bulletin 97(1), January 1999

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Broadhurst, Matt K., Steven J. Kennelly, and Steve Eayrs
Flow-related effects in prawn-trawl codends: potential for increasing the escape of unwanted fish through square-mesh panels, p. 1-8

Brodziak, Jon, and Lisa Hendrickson
An analysis of environmental effects on survey catches of squids Loligo pealei and Illex illecebrosus in the northwest Atlantic, p. 9-24

Chen, Yong, and Steve S. Montgomery
Modeling the dynamics of eastern rock lobster, Jasus verreauxi, stock in New South Wales, Australia, p. 25-38

Deree, Heather L.
Age and growth, dietary habits, and parasitism of the fourbeard rockling, Enchelyopus cimbrius, from the Gulf of Maine, p. 39-52
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Heist, Edward J., and John R. Gold
Genetic identification of sharks in the U.S. Atlantic large coastal shark fishery, p. 53-61

Koeller, Peter
Influence of temperature and effort on lobster catches at different temporal and spatial scales and the implications for stock assessments, p. 62-70

Lantry, Brian F., Donald J. Stewart, Peter S. Rand, and Edward L. Mills
Evaluation of total-body electrical conductivity to estimate whole-body water content of yellow perch, Perca flavescens, and alewife, Alosa pseudoharengus, p. 71-79

Limburg, Karin E., Michael L. Pace, and Kristin K. Arend
Growth, mortality, and recruitment of larval Morone spp. in relation to food availability and temperature in the Hudson River, p. 80-91

Lorenzo, José M., and José G. Pajuelo
Biology of a deep benthopelagic fish, roudi escolar Promethichthys prometheus (Gempylidae), off the Canary Islands, p. 92-99

Love, Milton S., and Korie Johnson
Aspects of the life histories of grass rockfish, Sebastes rastrelliger, and brown rockfish, S. auriculatus, from southern California, p. 100-109

McMillan, Charmion B.
Three new species of hagfish (Myxinidae, Eptatretus) from the Galápagos Islands, p. 110-117

Pollard, Morgan J., Michael J. Kingsford, and Stephen C. Battaglene
Chemical marking of juvenile snapper, Pagrus auratus (Sparidae), by incorporation of strontium into dorsal spines, p. 118-131 [e-mail:]

Polovina, Jeffrey J., Pierre Kleiber, and Donald R. Kobayashi
Application of TOPEX-POSEIDON satellite altimetry to simulate transport dynamics of larvae of spiny lobster, Panulirus marginatus, in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, 1993-1996, p. 132-143

Poole, David, Geof H. Givens, and Adrian E. Raftery
A proposed stock assessment method and its application to bowhead whales, Balaena mysticetus, p. 144-152

Wintner, Sabine P., and Geremy Cliff
Age and growth determination of the white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, from the east coast of South Africa, p. 153-169

Xiao, Yongshun, Lauren P. Brown, Terence I. Walker, and André E. Punt
Estimation of instantaneous rates of tag shedding for school shark, Galeorhinus galeus, and gummy shark, Mustelus antarcticus, by conditional likelihood, p. 170-184


Kennelly, Steven J.
Areas, depths, and times of high rates of scup, Stenotomus chrysops, discard by dermsal fish trawling off the northeastern United States, p. 185-192

Meyer, David L., Mark S. Fonseca, Patricia L. Murphey, Robert H. McMichael Jr., Michael M. Byerly, Michael W. LaCroix, Paula E. Whitfield, and Gordon W. Thayer
Effects of live-bait shrimp trawling on seagrass beds and fish bycatch in Tampa Bay, Florida, p. 193-199

Witzell, Wayne N.
Distribution and relative abundance of sea turtles caught incidentally by the U.S. pelagic longline fleet in the western North Atlantic Ocean, 1992-1995, p. 200-211

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