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Fishery Bulletin 114(2)

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Short contribution

Watson, William, Sharon R. Charter, and Cynthia A. Taylor Lawley
Early larvae of the swordspine rockfish (Sebastes ensifer) identified by molecular methods
Published online 21 January 2016


Tagliafico, Alejandro, Nicolás Ehemann, María Salomé Rangel, and Néstor Rago
Exploitation and reproduction of the bullnose ray (Myliobatis freminvillei) caught in an artisanal fishery in La Pared, Margarita Island, Venezuela
Published online 21 January 2016

Lewis, Leah A., David E. Richardson, Evgeny V. Zakharov, and Robert Hanner
Integrating DNA barcoding of fish eggs into ichthyoplankton monitoring programs
Published online 5 February 2016

Lopez, Jon, Gala Moreno, Guillermo Boyra, and Laurent Dagorn
A model based on data from echosounder buoys to estimate biomass of fish species associated with fish aggregating devices
Published online 23 February 2016

Demetras, Nicholas J., David D. Huff, Cyril J. Michel, Joseph M. Smith, George R. Cutter, Sean A. Hayes, and Steven T. Lindley
Development of underwater recorders to quantify predation of juvenile Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) in a river environment
doi: 10.7755/FB.114.2.5
Published online 23 February 2016

Mathews, Elizabeth A., Lauri A. Jemison, Grey W. Pendleton, Karen M. Blejwas, Kevin E. Hood, and Kimberly L. Raum-Suryan
Haul-out patterns and effects of vessel disturbance on harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) on glacial ice in Tracy Arm, Alaska
Published online 3 March 2016

Yasumiishi, Ellen M., Keith R. Criddle, John H. Helle, Nicola Hillgruber, and Franz J. Mueter
Effect of population abundance and climate on the growth of 2 populations of chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) in the eastern North Pacific Ocean
Published online 3 March 2016

Contente, Riguel F., and Carmen L. D. B. Rossi-Wongtschowski
Fish assemblages on the southeastern Brazilian Bight, sampled by midwater trawl during spring and summer seasons: species composition, abundance, and environmental drivers
Published online 15 March 2016

Weijerman, Mariska, Ivor Williams, Jay Gutierrez, Shanna Grafeld, Brent Tibbatts, and Gerry Davis
Trends in biomass of coral reef fishes, derived from shore-based creel surveys in Guam
Published online 18 March 2016


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