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Fishery Bulletin 105(1) Contents

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Wexler, Jeanne B., Seinen Chow, Toshie Wakabayashi, Kenji Nohara, and Daniel Margulies
Temporal variation in growth of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) larvae in the Panama Bight, 1990-97

McDermott, Susanne F., Katherine P. Maslenikov, and Donald R. Gunderson
Annual fecundity, batch fecundity, and oocyte atresia of Atka mackerel (Pleurogrammus monopterygius) in Alaskan waters

Hobbs, James A., William A Bennett, Jessica E Burton, and Bradd Baskerville-Bridges
Modification of the biological intercept model to account for ontogenetic effects in laboratory-reared delta smelt (Hypomesus transpacificus)

Laidig, Thomas E., James R. Chess, and Daniel F. Howard
Relationship between abundance of juvenile rockfishes (Sebastes spp.) and environmental variables documented off northern California and potential mechanisms for the covariation

Harley, Shelton J., and Jenny M. Suter
The potential use of time-area closures to reduce catches of bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) in the purse-seine fishery of the eastern Pacific Ocean

Secor, David H., and Philip M. Piccoli
Oceanic migration rates of Upper Chesapeake Bay striped bass (Morone saxatilis), determined by otolith microchemical analysis

Matkin, Craig O., Lance G. Barrett-Lennard, Harald Yurk, David Ellifrit, and Andrew W. Trites
Ecotypic variation and predatory behavior among killer whales (Orcinus orca) off the eastern Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Stockhausen, William T., and Michael Fogarty
Removing observational noise from fisheries-independent time series data using ARIMA models

Pitcher, Kenneth W., Peter F. Olesiuk, Robin F. Brown, Mark S. Lowry,. Steven J. Jeffries, John L. Sease, Wayne L. Perryman, Charles E. Stinchcomb, Lloyd F. Lowry
Abundance and distribution of the eastern North Pacific Steller sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) population

Gerritsen, Hans D., and David McGrath
Precision estimates and suggested sample sizes for length-frequency data

Farley, Edward V. Jr, James M. Murphy, Milo D. Adkison, Lisa B. Eisner, John H. Helle, Jamal H. Moss, and Jennifer Nielsen
Early marine growth in relation to marine-stage survival rates for Alaska sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)

Ganias, Konstantinos, Cristina Nunes, and Yorgos Stratoudakis
Degeneration of postovulatory follicles in the Iberian sardine Sardina pilchardus: structural changes and factors affecting resorption


Arrizabalaga, Haritz, Victoria López-Rodas, Eduardo Costas, and Alberto González-Garcés
Use of genetic data to assess the uncertainty in stock assessments due to the assumed stock structure: the case of albacore (Thunnus alalunga) from the Atlantic Ocean

Cherel, Yves, Richard Sabatié, Michel Potier, Francis Marsac, and Frédéric Ménard
New information from fish diets on the importance of glassy flying squid (Hyaloteuthis pelagica) (Teuthoidea: Ommastrephidae) in the epipelagic cephalopod community of the tropical Atlantic Ocean

Conti, Stéphane G., Benjamin D. Maurer, Mark A. Drawbridge, and David A. Demer
Measurements of total scattering spectra from bocaccio (Sebastes paucispinis)

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