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Fishery Bulletin 102(2) Contents

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Archer, Frederick, Tim Gerrodette, Susan Chivers, and Alan Jackson
Annual estimates of the unobserved incidental kill of pantropical spotted dolphin (Stenella attenuata attenuata) calves in the tuna purse-seine fishery of the eastern tropical Pacific

Chernova, Natalia V., and David L. Stein
A remarkable new species of Psednos (Teleostei: Liparidae) from the western North Atlantic Ocean

Chiang, Wei-Chuan, Chi-Lu Sun, Su-Zan Yeh, and Wei-Cheng Su
Age and growth of sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus) in waters off eastern Taiwan

Clark, Randall D., John D. Christensen, and Mark E. Monaco, Philip A. Caldwell, Geoffrey A. Matthews, and Thomas J. Minello
A habitat-use model to determine essential fish habitat for juvenile brown shrimp (Farfantepenaeus aztecus) in Galveston Bay, Texas

Delgado, Gabriel A., Claudine T. Bartels, Robert A. Glazer, Nancy J. Brown-Peterson, and Kevin J. McCarthy
Translocation as a strategy to rehabilitate the queen conch (Strombus gigas) population in the Florida Keys

Lage, Christopher, Kristen Kuhn, and Irv Kornfield
Genetic differentiation among Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) from Browns Bank, Georges Bank, and Nantucket Shoals

Lenihan, Hunter S., and Charles H. Peterson
Conserving oyster reef habitat by switching from dredging and tonging to diver-harvesting

Macewicz, Beverly J., John R. Hunter, Nancy C. H. Lo, and Erin L. LaCasella
Fecundity, egg deposition, and mortality of market squid (Lolilgo opalescens)

Orr, James W., and James E. Blackburn
The dusky rockfishes (Teleostei: Socrpaeniformes) of the North Pacific Ocean: resurrection of Sebastes variabilis (Pallas, 1814) and a redescription of Sebastes ciliatus (Tilesius, 1813)

Powers, Joseph E.
Recruitment as an evolving random process of aggregation and mortality

Szedlmayer, Stephen T., and Jason D. Lee
Diet shifts of juvenile red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) with changes in habitat and fish size

Webb, Stacey, and Ronald T. Kneib
Individual growth rates and movement of juvenile white shrimp (Litopenaeus setiferus) in a tidal marsh nursery


Forsythe, John, Nuutti Kangas, and Roger T. Hanlon
Does the California market squid (Loligo opalescens) spawn naturally during the day or at night? A note on the successful use of ROVs to obtain basic fisheries biology data

Kotas, Jorge E., Silvio dos Santos, Venâncio G. de Azevedo, Berenice M. G. Gallo, and Paulo C. R. Barata
Incidental capture of loggerhead (Caretta caretta) and leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) sea turtles by the pelagic longline fishery off southern Brazil

Yang, Mei-Sun
Diet changes of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) in Alaska between 1980 and 1995

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