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Fishery Bulletin 102(1) Contents

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Alonzo, Suzanne H., and Marc Mangel
The effects of size-selective fisheries on the stock dynamics of and sperm limitation in sex-changing fish

Baba, Katsuhisa, Toshifumi Kawajiri, Yasuhiro Kuwahara, and Shigeru Nakao
An environmentally based growth model that uses finite difference calculus with maximum likelihood method: its application to the brackish water bivalve Corbicula japonica in Lake Abashiri, Japan

Brodeur, Rick D., Joseph P. Fisher, David J. Teel, Robert L. Emmett, Edmundo Casillas, and Todd W. Miller
Juvenile salmonid distribution, growth, condition, origin, and environmental and species associations in the Northern California Current

Garcia-Rodriguez, Francisco J., and David Aurioles-Gamboa
Spatial and temporal variation in the diet of the California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) in the Gulf of California, Mexico

Jung, Sukgeun, and Edward D. Houde
Recruitment and spawning-stock biomass distribution of bay anchovy (Anchoa mitchilli) in Chesapeake Bay

Kellison, Todd G., and David B. Eggleston
Coupling ecology and economy: modeling optimal release scenarios for summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus) stock enhancement

Kritzer, Jacob P.
Sex-specific growth and mortality, spawning season, and female maturation of the stripey bass (Lutjanus carponotatus) on the Great Barrrier Reef

Orr, Anthony J., Adria S. Banks, Steve Mellman, Harriet R. Huber, Robert L. DeLong, and Robin F. Brown
Examination of the foraging habits of Pacific harbor seal (Phoca vitulina richardsi) to describe their use of the Umpqua River, Oregon, and their predation on salmonids Companion paper with Purcell et al., see “Notes” below.

Park, Wongyu, R. Ian Perry, and Sung Yun Hong
Larval development of the sidestriped shrimp (Pandalopsis dispar Rathbun) (Crustacea, Decapoda, Pandalidae) reared in the laboratory

Pearson, Donald E., and Franklin R. Shaw
Sources of age determination errors for sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria)

Powell, Allyn B., Robin T. Cheshire, Elisabeth H. Laban, James Colvocoresses, Patrick O’Donnell, and Marie Davidian
Growth, mortality, and hatchdate distributions of larval and juvenile spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) in Florida Bay, Everglades National Park

Santana, Francisco M., and Rosangela Lessa
Age determination and growth of the night shark (Carcharhinus signatus) off the northeastern Brazilian coast

Smith, Keith R., David A. Somerton, Mei-Sun Yang, and Daniel G. Nichol
Distribution and biology of prowfish (Zaprora silenus) in the northeast Pacific

Ward, Peter, Ransom A. Myers, and Wade Blanchard
Fish lost at sea: the effect of soak time on pelagic longline catches

Watanabe, Chikako, and Akihiko Yatsu
Effects of density-dependence and sea surface temperature on interannual variation in length-at-age of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) in the Kuroshio-Oyashio area during 1970–1997


Llanos-Rivera, Alejandra, and Leonardo R. Castro
Latitudinal and seasonal egg-size variation of the anchoveta (Engraulis ringens) off the Chilean coast

Purcell, Maureen, Greg Mackey, Eric LaHood, Harriet Huber, and Linda Park
Molecular methods for the genetic identification of salmonid prey from Pacific harbor seal (Phoca vitulina richardsi) scat
Companion paper with Orr et al., see “Articles” above.

Weng, Kevin C., and Barbara A.
Block Diel vertical migration of the bigeye thresher shark (Alopias superciliosus), a species possessing orbital retia mirabilia

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