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Fishery Bulletin 100(1) Contents

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Blick, D. James, and Peter T. Hagen
The use of agreement measures and latent class models to assess the reliability of classifying thermally marked otoliths

Carmona-Suarez, Carlos A., and Jesus E. Conde
Local distribution and abundance of swimming crabs (Callinectes spp. and Arenaeus cribrarius) on a tropical arid beach

Crabtree, Roy E., Peter B. Hood, and Derke Snodgrass
Age, growth, and reproduction of permit (Trachinotus falcatus) in Florida waters

Denson, Michael R., Wallace E. Jenkins, Arnold G. Woodward, and Theodore I. J. Smith
Tag-reporting levels for red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) caught by anglers in South Carolina and Georgia estuaries

Faunce, Craig H., Heather M. Patterson, and Jerome J. Lorenz
Age, growth, and mortality of the Mayan cichlid (Cichlasoma urophthalmus) from the southeastern Everglades

Hastings, Kelly K., and William J. Sydeman
Population status, seasonal variation in abundance, and long-term population trends of Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) at the South Farallon Islands, California

McBride, Richard S., Michael P. Fahay, and Kenneth W. Able
Larval and settlement periods of the northern searobin (Prionotus carolinus) and the striped searobin (P. evolans)

Pennington, Michael, Liza-Mare Burmeister, and Vidar Hjellvik
Assessing the precision of frequency distributions estimated from trawl-survey samples

Potts, Jennifer C., and Charles S. Manooch III
Estimated ages of red porgy (Pagrus pagrus) from fishery-dependent and fishery-independent data and a comparison of growth parameters

Romanov, Evgeny V.
Bycatch in the tuna purse-seine fisheries of the western Indian Ocean

Sainte-Marie, Bernard, and Denis Chabot
Ontogenetic shifts in natural diet during benthic stages of American lobster (Homarus americanus), off the Magdalen Islands

Zug, George R., George H. Balazs, Jerry A. Wetherall, Denise M. Parker, and Shawn K. K. Murakawa
Age and growth of Hawaiian seaturtles (Chelonia mydas): an analysis based on skeletochronology


DiNardo, Gerard T., Edward E. DeMartini, and Wayne R. Haight
Estimates of lobster-handling mortality associated with the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands lobster-trap fishery

Graves, John E., Brian E. Luckhurst, and Eric D. Prince
An evaluation of pop-up satellite tags for estimating postrelease survival of blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) from a recreational fishery

Hazin, Fabio H. V., Paulo G. Oliveira, and Matt K. Broadhurst
Reproduction of blacknose shark (Carcharhinus acronotus) in coastal waters off northeastern Brazil

Porch, Clay E., Charles A. Wilson, and David L. Nieland
A new growth model for red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) that accommodates seasonal and ontogenic changes in growth rates

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